We believe you should always be operating your caravan park so that it’s always ‘sale ready’ which an excellent discipline to adhere to – whether or not you’re looking to sell soon. A strong sales focus ensures that:

  • Your park is operating efficiently and effectively
  • You’re well organised financially
  • Your park is a profitable as possible
  • If you need to sell unexpectedly, you are in a prepared position
  • If you sell, you’ll achieve the best price

We believe that preparing for a sale is one of the first things a new owner should do, and an imperative for existing owners who may have neglected this planning as they believe that the sale or succession of their caravan park may be some time away.

Whether you’re planning to sell in two, five or ten years, following the suggestions in the downloadable eBook will allow you to maximise your profit while you’re running your caravan park, and achieve the best result whenever you choose to sell.

We’ve created a guide to support caravan park owners with succession planning and ensuring they’re well-placed to get the best possible price for their caravan park whenever they sell.